Looking at Covid-19 and its negative economic effects on our past Animato Orchestra Members

In view of the expensive music studies at a universities and academies it is a fact that music students in their majority are depending financially on a flow of income from a commercial activity parallel to their studies such as giving music lessons to children and alike.

Already in the first Covid wave 2020/2021 it became obvious that this additional source of income for music students disappeared quickly for various reasons so their financial dependency from their parents and/or official grants given to them increased significantly. These financial impacts of the pandemic could easily bring students in their music education in critical financial situations.

To offer to our past Animato Orchestra Members still studying an extraordinary helping hand in such a unexpected situation the Animato Foundation has created the ANIMATO FINANCIAL EMERGENCY SWITCH-OFF PROGRAM.

This program is distinct from a usual grant to students and is aiming to cover unforeseeable expenses outside the ordinary living and studying costs. Illustrative examples of such financial shortage for music students are a necessity to replace their old or broken music instrument or a relatively high fee for a registration to be admitted to a final exam. Beneficiaries of such extraordinary financial support are all ex-Animato Orchestra Members having participated in the Animato Concert Tour 2018, registered for the finally dropped Animato Academy and Concert Tour 2020 and the Animato Chamber Orchestra Tour 2021. Not surprisingly the responses by our ex-Animato Orchestra Members have been highly positive but is also treating another burden of desk and paper work while the basic purpose of Animato Foundation still remains to offer to young music students a practical experience together with their pears on a European concert tour as a member of an Animato youth Orchestra.